(2015) Metodo 3 (1).

Expression diacritique et sémiogenèse

Yves-Marie Visetti, David Piotrowski

pp. 63-112

This paper deals with the problem of semiogenesis in the light of Saussure’s and Merleau-Ponty’s approaches. Semiogenesis here stands for the emergence of differentiated moments of expression taking form in the semiotic flow through various boundaries and polarities (Signifier/Signified), therefore going far beyond the usual lexico-grammatical picture. Grounded on the Generalized Diacritical Turn of the Merleau-pontian phenomenology, we suggest to set up a critical examination, as well as a few proposals, of : the gestural approach of speech, the negativity of the linguistic identity in Saussurian theory, the paradoxical status of the notion of value, the horizon of a system as a secondary effect of the ‘parole parlante’, meaning seen first as the unfolding of a figural field induced by an essentially ‘incomplete’ linguistic apparatus. The paper ends up with a set of questions and presumed limitations left by this Merleau-pontian diacritical frame.

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DOI: 10.19079/metodo.3.1.63

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Visetti, Y.-M. , Piotrowski, D. (2015). Expression diacritique et sémiogenèse. Metodo 3 (1), pp. 63-112.

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