(2018) Husserl Studies 34 (2).

Husserl on perceptual optimality

Maxime Doyon

pp. 171-189

The notions of perceptual normativity and optimality have generated much discussion in the last decade or so in the literature on Merleau-Ponty. Husserl’s position on the topic has been far less extensively investigated. Surprisingly, however, Husserl wrote a great deal about the question of perceptual optimality. Not only are there a considerable number of important passages scattered throughout the manuscripts (especially the D-Manuscripts), the archive also contains a few important full texts on precisely this issue. Given the role of fulfillment for Husserl’s concept of intentionality, this should not really come as a surprise, since the teleological nature of the fulfillment structure terminates in an experience of the optimum. Hence, however marginal this topic might seem at first glance, reflecting on it rapidly leads us to the heart of Husserl’s project and sheds further light on his conception of intentional experience.

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DOI: 10.1007/s10743-018-9224-9

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Doyon, M. (2018). Husserl on perceptual optimality. Husserl Studies 34 (2), pp. 171-189.

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