Praeteritio dei

Holger Schmid

pp. 335-351

Is it possible to think about "the Greeks" without exposing oneself to what they call their gods? Feeling called upon to respond to this question, precisely within the constellation of Europe's most gloomy hour, Martin Heidegger employs the instruments that come to him through his own "turn," but also from further back: the "Fourfold" and the "Holy" may thus be studied in their crucial confrontation with Parmenides. A corollary resides in the link with the famous problem of "Hellenization" in Christianity.

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DOI: 10.1007/s11007-014-9309-x

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Schmid, H. (2014). Praeteritio dei. Continental Philosophy Review 47 (3-4), pp. 335-351.

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