Remembering John Wild (1902–1972)

Calvin Schrag

pp. 317-

The pageant of American philosophical history cannot be fully displayed without including the wide ranging contributions of John Daniel Wild. The impact of his contributions is readily discernible in the achievements of his prodigious scholarship, impassioned teaching, and devotion to the profession in its institutional outreach. The author of nine books, numerous solicited essays, and some hundred journal articles, in which he addressed central issues in the history of philosophy from the ancients to the present; the mentor of scores of students who were inspired by his dedication and skill as an educator, many of whom themselves became shapers of philosophical tendencies across the United States and abroad; an executive officer in sundry professional philosophical societies and a founder and catalyst of some of them—John Wild’s legacy cannot be viewed as anything less than historically decisive in the annals of American philosophy.

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DOI: 10.1007/s11007-011-9183-8

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Schrag, C. (2011). Remembering John Wild (1902–1972). Continental Philosophy Review 44 (3), pp. 317-.

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