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Horizon Studies in Phenomenology

Roman Ingarden's Philosophy Reconsidered

Vol. 9 (2)

Edited by

Witold Płotka, Thomas Byrne

To commemorate the 50th anniversary of Ingarden’s death, our ambition is, first, to explore Ingarden’s philosophical position in the context of the 20th century phenomenological movement, and second, to raise the question of today’s relevance of Ingarden’s philosophy in general and his phenomenology in particular in the 21st century philosophy. Thus, in announcing this call for papers, we are seeking new contributions—both systematic and historical—to Ingarden’s philosophy. We welcome submissions on topics connected to Ingarden’s philosophical and phenomenological legacy.

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Płotka, W. , Byrne, T. (eds) (2020). Roman Ingarden's Philosophy Reconsidered. Horizon Studies in Phenomenology 9 (2).

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