Il paesaggio della cultura

Filosofia e musica in Ortega y Gasset

Clementina Cantillo

pp. 207-227

Music and its treatment occupy a substantially reduced space within the articulated, plentiful array of Ortega y Gasset’s philosophical writings. References are limited to the articles Musicalia e Apatía artística published in 1921 in the review “El Sol”, and his 1925 essay, La deshumanización del arte. There are, moreover, some more or less explicit references to music in Gasset’s other writings. This notwithstanding, Ortega’s reflections are of interest for reasons which are implicit within his thought’s configuration. Foremostly, Gasset’s reflections on music concern a clarification of the dynamics linking life with the different constitutive forms of a cultural landscape.

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DOI: 10.4000/estetica.1448

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Cantillo, C. (2013). Il paesaggio della cultura: Filosofia e musica in Ortega y Gasset. Rivista di estetica 54, pp. 207-227.

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