Kimberly Baltzer-Jaray

Adjunct at King’s University College (UWO). She is a specialist of Adolf Reinach and Munich phenomenology, with a focus on the realist responses of the early students of Edmund Husserl to his new idealist path of Transcendental Phenomenology. Her current research includes a large project that focuses on Munich phenomenology and the Psychology intimately bound with it, with a particular focus on Theodor Lipps’ phenomenology and the lasting influence it had on both Reinach and Johannes Daubert, and a smaller, ongoing project concentrating on the translation of Reinach’s WWI notebooks and completing his military journey. Her other interests include the Existential philosophies of Benjamin Fondane and Albert Camus, Dadism, and tattoo aesthetics and history. She is the president of the North American Society for Early Phenomenology (NASEP), a founding member of Forum Münchener Phänomenologie International (FMPI), associate editor of the Journal of Camus Studies, a board member of the Centre for Tattoo History and Culture, and occasional writer for Things & Ink and DISARM.

Phenomenological approaches to the uncanny and the divine: Adolf Reinach and Gerda Walther on mystical experience


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Phenomenological jurisprudence: a reinterpretation of Adolf Reinach's Jarhrbuch essay


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Reinach and Hering on essence


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Reinach's phenomenology of foreboding: Battlefield notes, 1916-17


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The intentional being of justice and the foreseen


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The Wesen of things, according to Reinach


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The phenomenological spring: Husserl and the Göttingen circle


with Mitscherling Jeff

Symposium: Canadian Journal of Continental Philosophy 16/2

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Quaestiones Disputatae 3/1

Selected papers on the early phenomenology of Munich and Göttingen


Adolf Reinach is not a Platonist


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Reinach and Bolzano: towards a theory of pure logic


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