Christina M. Gschwandtner

The embodied human being in touch with the world: Richard Kearney and Hedwig Conrad-Martius in conversation


in: Anacarnation and returning to the lived body with Richard Kearney, London-New York : Routledge

Religions 12/10

Phenomenology and liturgical practice


Körper, Leib, Gemüt, Seele, Geist: conceptions of the self in early phenomenology


in: Gerda Walther's phenomenology of sociality, psychology, and religion, Dordrecht : Springer

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Philosophical reflections on the shaping of identity in fundamentalist religious communities


in: Phenomenology and the post-secular turn, London : Routledge

Jean-Luc Marion: phenomenology of religion


in: Continental philosophy and philosophy of religion, Dordrecht : Springer

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