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(2007) Explaining the mental, Newcastle, Cambridge Scholars Press.

Is collective intentionality really primitive?

Elisabeth Pacherie

pp. 153-175

This paper offers a critical discussion of Searle's account of collective intentionality. It argues Bratman's alternative account avoids some of the shortcomings of Searle's account, over-intellectualizes collective intentionality and imposes an excessive cognitive burden on participating agents.Tthe capacities needed to sustain collective intentionality are examined in an attempt to show that we can preserve the gist of Bratman's account in a cognitively more parsimonious way.

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Pacherie, E. (2007)., Is collective intentionality really primitive?, in M. Beaney, C. Penco & M. Vignolo (eds.), Explaining the mental, Newcastle, Cambridge Scholars Press, pp. 153-175.

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