Interkinaesthetic affectivity

A phenomenological approach

Elizabeth Behnke

pp. 143-161

This Husserlian transcendental-phenomenological investigation of interkinaesthetic affectivity first clarifies the sense of affectivity that is at stake here, then shows how Husserl’s distinctive approach to kinaesthetic experience provides evidential access to the interkinaesthetic field. After describing several structures of interkinaesthetic-affective experience, I indicate how a Husserlian critique of the presupposition that we are “psychophysical” entities might suggest a more inclusive approach to a biosocial plenum that includes all metabolic life.

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DOI: 10.1007/s11007-008-9074-9

Full citation:

Behnke, E. (2008). Interkinaesthetic affectivity: A phenomenological approach. Continental Philosophy Review 41 (2), pp. 143-161.

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