SUNY Press, Albany


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ISBN 9781438466217


The phenomenology of social encounters

Edited by

Luna Dolezal, Danielle Petherbridge

Body/Self/Other brings together a variety of phenomenological perspectives to examine the complexity of social encounters across a range of social, political, and ethical issues. It investigates the materiality of social encounters and the habitual attitudes that structure lived experience. In particular, the contributors examine how constructions of race, gender, sexuality, criminality, and medicalized forms of subjectivity affect perception and social interaction. Grounded in practical, everyday experiences, this book provides a theoretical framework that considers the extent to which fundamental ethicalobligations arise from the fact of individuals’ intercorporeality and sociality.

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Dolezal, L. , Petherbridge, D. (eds) (2017). Body/self/other: The phenomenology of social encounters, SUNY Press, Albany.

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