Blackwell, Oxford


530 Pages

ISBN 9781118796023

A companion to Simone de Beauvoir

Edited by

Laura Hengehold, Nancy Bauer

The Companion examines Beauvoir’s rich intellectual life from a variety of angles—including literary, historical, and anthropological perspectives—and situates her in relation to her forbears and contemporaries in the philosophical canon. Essays in each of four thematic sections reveal the breadth and acuity of her insight, from the significance of The Second Sex and her work on the metaphysics of gender to her plentiful contributions in ethics and political philosophy. Later chapters trace the relationship between Beauvoir’s philosophical and literary workand open up her scholarship to global issues, questions of race, and the legacy of colonialism and sexism. The volume concludes by considering her impact on contemporary feminist thought writ large, and features pioneering work from a new generation of Beauvoir scholars.

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DOI: 10.1002/9781118795996

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Hengehold, L. , Bauer, (eds) (2017). A companion to Simone de Beauvoir, Blackwell, Oxford.

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