(2016) Husserl Studies 32 (2).

Scheinbare wirklichkeit

Zur Idee einer phänomenologischen Philosophie

Rudolf Boehm

pp. 101-130

Presented are here the crucial presuppositions and building-blocks of a phenomenological philosophy. Inspired by Husserl's critique of scientific objectivism and his claim that the life-world as the world of our experience is the only real world, such a philosophy starts from the breaking of the spell of objective reality as the only and true actuality and the acknowledgment of the appearance-character of all actuality and of objective reality itself. It further requires reinterpretations of the notions of sensitivity, subjectivity and consciousness. Foundational for the sketched idea of phenomenological philosophy is the insight that all conscious life is necessarily determined by interests.

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DOI: 10.1007/s10743-016-9191-y

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Boehm, R. (2016). Scheinbare wirklichkeit: Zur Idee einer phänomenologischen Philosophie. Husserl Studies 32 (2), pp. 101-130.

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