All too familiar

luce Irigaray's recent thought on sexuation and generation

Mary Beth Mader

pp. 367-390

In recent works, Luce Irigaray offers arguments for the establishment of sexed rights that rely upon certain presuppositional accounts of the development of relational sexuate identity and difference. The paper advances a series of objections to these accounts, in addition to examining some of Irigaray's proposals concerning women's indefinition, the category of the neuter, and female genealogy. Supplementing Luce Irigaray's argument that mother-daughter genealogy is under-symbolized in present Occidental cultures, it suggests, for reasons consonant with Irigaray's general project, additional corrective representation of paternal genealogy in terms of father-daughter relations.

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DOI: 10.1023/B:MAWO.0000015837.10657.97

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Mader, M.B. (2003). All too familiar: luce Irigaray's recent thought on sexuation and generation. Continental Philosophy Review 36 (4), pp. 367-390.

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