(1997) Man and World 30 (2).

The bacchanalian revel

Hegel and deconstruction

Andrew Haas

pp. 217-226

This text argues that Hegel's Concept, insofar as it has already deconstructed all opposed and fixed standpoints, supersedes deconstruction. Reducing the Logic and Phenomenology to the same kind of schematic formalism for which Hegel criticized his predecessors (Fichte and Schelling), Derrida misses the ways in which Absolute Spirit shows itself as the "bacchanalian revel wherein no member is not drunk." Thus, this article defends Hegel against Derrida on Derrida's terms.

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DOI: 10.1023/A:1004267909622

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Haas, A. (1997). The bacchanalian revel: Hegel and deconstruction. Man and World 30 (2), pp. 217-226.

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