(2017) Human Studies 40 (4).

Life-world, sub-worlds, after-worlds

the various "realnesses" of multiple realities

Ruth Ayaß

pp. 519-542

This paper will discuss the correlation between the world of everyday life, finite provinces of meaning, and religion. To this end, the paper will start out by explaining Schutz' considerations on "paramount reality" of the world of everyday life as well as the theory of "multiple realities" and "finite provinces of meaning". Schutz' considerations will then be elaborated upon and taken a step further in a discussion of the various "realnesses' of the multiple realities. Special attention will be paid to a finite province of meaning only mentioned in passing by Schutz: religion. The paper will first analyze the special features of religion as a finite province of meaning and highlight the correlation it enters with the world of everyday life. Subsequently, hereafter and paradise conceptions will be described as "ultimate provinces of meaning," and it will be shown how their realnesses connect to the world of everyday life. Finally, the "fundamental anxiety" will be studied as the motor of the relevance structures of the world of everyday life, the finite provinces of meaning as well as the hereafter conceptions.

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DOI: 10.1007/s10746-016-9380-x

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Ayaß, R. (2017). Life-world, sub-worlds, after-worlds: the various "realnesses" of multiple realities. Human Studies 40 (4), pp. 519-542.

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