(2017) Human Studies 40 (4).

M. Reder, Religion in säkularer Gesellschaft

Jan Frei

pp. 599-602

Within the philosophical discourse on religion in society as conducted in European and American political philosophy since the early nineties, a crucial shift occurred when the so-called “secularization thesis” was put into question: according to this criticism, today the linearity of secularization and perhaps even secularization itself, although strongly defended by a number of scholars, can no longer be taken for granted. Jürgen Habermas’ concept of “post-secularism” might be nominated as the classic example of this.

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DOI: 10.1007/s10746-016-9413-5

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Frei, J. (2017). Review of M. Reder, Religion in säkularer Gesellschaft. Human Studies 40 (4), pp. 599-602.

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