(1982) Human Studies 5 (1).

Confluences and differences in the early work of Gurwitsch and Schutz

Helmut R Wagner

pp. 31-44

In these highly selective and condensed considerations, I could only offer a comparison of the main sociological themes in Gurwitsch's inaugural dissertation with the corresponding themes in Schutz's first book. Other sociological themes were not discussed, mainly because they were not developed far enough in one or the other or both sources. The crucial theme of explicit and implicit ontological presuppositions had to be ignored because it demands an extensive treatment of its own. The same goes for the proper consideration of the particular conceptions of Husserl mobilized by each author for his purposes.Even so, I hope to have conveyed an idea of the convergences and differences in the early views of Gurwitsch and Schutz, as mirrored in the studies which were compared. This article should be seen as a small beginning of the huge task of studying comprehensively the unique personal and intellectual friendship of two seminal thinkers and the influences they exercised upon each other's work, even though they operated in substantively quite different areas.

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DOI: 10.1007/BF02127665

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Wagner, H.R. (1982). Confluences and differences in the early work of Gurwitsch and Schutz. Human Studies 5 (1), pp. 31-44.

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