Quale storia naturale per l'estetico?

L'ipotesi Darwiniana rivisitata

Lorenzo Bartalesi

pp. 7-25

In spite of the great number of publications, contemporary evolutionary aesthetics seems to have reached deadlock, for the lack of a real epistemological reflection on the theoretical nucleus of its own experimental investigations. Starting from an introduction to the current debate, the essay aims to indicate the basic points of a theoretical model able to face speculative risks and methodological complexities of contemporary evolutionary aesthetics. In this very perspective is placed the analysis of Darwin’s sexual paradigm, and the hypothesis of partially revising it in order to extend the notion of aesthetics as an expressive and intrinsically motivated dimension of animal cognition.

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DOI: 10.4000/estetica.1433

Full citation:

Bartalesi, L. (2013). Quale storia naturale per l'estetico?: L'ipotesi Darwiniana rivisitata. Rivista di estetica 54, pp. 7-25.

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