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Philosophy in the condition of modernism

Edited by

Ana Falcato, Antonio Cardiello

Produced on the fringes of philosophy and literary criticism, this book is a pioneering study which aims to explicitly address and thematize what may be called a "critical philosophy in the condition of modernism". Its most important and original contribution to both disciplines is a self-conscious reflection on possible modes of writing philosophy today, and a systematic comparison with what happened in literary modernism at the beginning of the twentieth-century. The volume is divided into six sections, where internationally renownedscholars discuss such pressing topics as the role of an unreliable narrator in a major philosophical treatise, the different mediums of art-production and how these impact on our perception of the Work itself, the role of narrative in animal ethics and the filmic adaption of a Modernist classic. 

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Falcato, A. , Cardiello, A. (eds) (2018). Philosophy in the condition of modernism, Springer, Dordrecht.

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Falcato Ana; Cardiello Antonio


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Habit, labour, need and desire

Levenson Michael


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Embodied ghosts

Falcato Ana


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The medium itself

Hagberg Garry L.


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Encountering the alien

Staehler Tanja; Kozin Alexander


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"Stories to meditate on"

Crary Alice


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"Thought in American and for the Americans"

Lojo Rodríguez Laura María


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Virginia Woolf and The hours (Stephen Daldry, 2002)

Gámez Fuentes María José; Maseda García Rebeca


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Intimidated thought

D'Arcy Michael


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A quotation from Seneca is missing

Pizarro Jerónimo


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The well is not the world

Mulhall Stephen


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Pictorial decorum

Gilmore Jonathan


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