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The factor of listening in Karl Jaspers' philosophy of communication

Krystyna Górniak-Kocikowska

pp. 419-434

Jaspers' views on communication and his approach to the question of listening, both underwent an evolution in which World War II and the first years thereafter played a crucial role. In this process, Jaspers journeyed from listening to the great minds of the past, through an inward dialogue with them, to one-sided lecturing while his audience was engaged in a straight-line listening, to an intimate dialogue with those he considered like-minded, to a multi-faceted dialogue, and finally to listening to his contemporaries and learning how to practice transactional listening-in-conversation in the process of a multi-layered communication he called a loving struggle. This evolution, paralleled by the transition of Japers' philosophy from local-centered to world-centered makes his thinking attractive and useful today.

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DOI: 10.1007/978-94-007-2223-1_34

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Górniak-Kocikowska, K. (2012)., The factor of listening in Karl Jaspers' philosophy of communication, in H. Wautischer, A. Olson & G. J. Walters (eds.), Philosophical faith and the future of humanity, Dordrecht, Springer, pp. 419-434.

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