Review of Hendrik Stoker, Conscience: Phenomena and theories

Zachary Davis

pp. 425-432

With the publication of his English translation of Hendrik G. Stoker’s, Conscience: Phenomena and Theories (University of Notre Dame Press, 2018), Phillip Blosser makes good on a promise he made many years ago to Stoker. The English translation is long over due and Blosser’s quite lucid and precise translation provides a much-delayed opportunity to acknowledge the significance of this work not only for the phenomenological tradition, but also for the general treatment of the conscience itself. As Blosser maintains in his Translator’s Introduction, Stoker’s work is “probably the single most comprehensive philosophical treatment of conscience in any language” (p. xiii).

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DOI: 10.1007/s11007-019-09474-9

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Davis, Z. (2019). Review of Hendrik Stoker, Conscience: Phenomena and theories. Continental Philosophy Review 52 (4), pp. 425-432.

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