(2014) AUC Interpretationes 4 (2).

La conquête de l’agir

Philippe Roy

pp. 61-80

Reading passages in which Marx deals with alienation and its relationship to action (work), it seems that alienation turns around two operations: separation and fixation. Marx shows how to erase it in his definition of communism. We will show that this project is similar to the Spinozian ethical proposition oriented to and by active acting. We will thereby complete two approaches of the reflection on today’s alienation that respectively insist on separation as multiplication of our actions (Hamut Rosa) and on passionate fixation (Frederic Lordon). We will envisage, finally, the resumption of Spinozian thought, of its gestures, as part of a factual and not substantial production.

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Roy, P. (2014). La conquête de l’agir. AUC Interpretationes 4 (2), pp. 61-80.

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