Fink, München


351 Pages

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Messages and messengers

Angeletics as an approach to the phenomenology of communication

Edited by

Rafael Capurro, John D. Holgate

Through this book angeletics is the general term used for the cultural, social and philosophical phenomenon of messages and messengers while 'messaging theory' is used for specifically for the phenomenon's scientifica and technological aspects. This publication has a bipartite structure: The first part, 'Foundations', deals with basic ideas of angeletics, its fundamental tenets, interpretations and presuppositions. The second part, 'Applications', illustrates these ideas through contributions from several experts in related fields such as bio-informatics, media studies, communication philosophy, information science,physics, classical studies, General System Theory and linguistics which shine a critical light on angeletics and at the same time develop it in various directions.

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Capurro, R. , Holgate, J. D. (eds) (2011). Messages and messengers: Angeletics as an approach to the phenomenology of communication, Fink, München.

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