Mimesis, Milano


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ISBN 9788857585871

Fenomenologia enattiva

Mente, coscienza e natura

Andrea Pace Giannotta

What is the relationship between the conscious mind and nature? This fundamental question can be answered in different ways, depending on how one conceives of both mind and nature. This work provides an original answer, integrating Husserlian phenomenology and the enactive approach within a unified perspective called enactive phenomenology. In the path developed in this book, the reader will find a rich and up-to-date analysis of some of the most debated issues in contemporary philosophy of mind and cognitive sciences:the "hard problem" of consciousness and its relation to intentionality, the epistemological and ontological status of sensory qualities, the philosophy of colour, the debate on embodied cognition, and the phenomenological approach to the study of the mind. Finally, the author develops a general proposal that is articulated in a monistic-neutral, processual and relational metaphysics of nature and consciousness.

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Pace Giannotta, A. (2022). Fenomenologia enattiva: Mente, coscienza e natura, Mimesis, Milano.

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