Phenomenology and ontology of ambiences

some clarifications

Bruce Bégout

pp. 5-18

In this article, we wish to clarify the way of being and appearing of ambiences. This is achieved, first of all, by distinguishing them from lived experiences on the one hand, and external things, on the other; then, by making the hypothesis of a third mode of being which comes from what stands between the subjects and the objects and which belongs to neither one nor the other. Finally, our proposal aims at showing that if atmospheres are properties of situations even before subjects feel them, then they feel them anyway only as these intrinsic and presubjective properties.

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Bégout, B. (2022). Phenomenology and ontology of ambiences: some clarifications. Phänomenologische Forschungen – Neue Folge 2022 (1), pp. 5-18.

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