(2022) Filosofski alternativi 31 (6).

Dve semantični teorii

terrmin i čast na rečta

Stefan Dimitrov

pp. 59-65

There are two significant medieval semantic theories: the theory of supposition and the speculative grammar. The first one is focused on the suppositio of term – on its referential scope; the second one is focused on significatio (or consignificatio, or modi significandi) – on the general significations, reflecting the extra-mental reality, with which the part of speech is endowed. Thus, the term and the part of speech could be considered as the two main candidates for the basic semantic element of the scholastic semantics.

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Dimitrov, S. (2022). Dve semantični teorii: terrmin i čast na rečta. Filosofski alternativi 31 (6), pp. 59-65.

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