(2022) Hermeneia 28.

Heidegger's polymorphous "Body"

Vasile Visotchi

pp. 14-24

The aim of the present paper is to advance a polyphonic reading of Heidegger‟s ways of thinking, notably concerning his notion of body and corporeality. Despite the talk of Heidegger‟s neglection of the body, I show that there are at least two distinct voices in Heidegger‟s discourse about corporeality: the phenomenological voice and the retractive voice. The first one is marked by the so-called neglect of the body, while the later aims to recoup it. I support the lack of a definite take on human embodiment in Heidegger‟s works by pointing at some hermeneutical ambiguities regarding corporeality. Finally, I conclude with some remarks about the necessity of a polyphonic reading of Heidegger‟s works.

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Visotchi, V. (2022). Heidegger's polymorphous "Body". Hermeneia 28, pp. 14-24.

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