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Methodology in the History of Philosophy

Groningen, 6 - 9 July 2020

History of philosophy has become increasingly mindful of the need for
critical reflection on its methodologies. Instead of merely pursuing the
oftentimes narrow way of reading and understanding a philosophical work
by means of analytical or rational reconstruction, researchers have
become increasingly sensitive to the historical context and situatedness
of a philosophical text.

Furthermore, the field has become aware of the harmful exclusion of
underrepresented or marginalised groups (such as women philosophers, or
non-western traditions of philosophy). There is a growing desire to move
beyond the traditional boundaries of the philosophical canon studying
also the so called ‘minor’ figures of our past. In short, the field has
seen the need for a more inclusivist approach of studying past authors.
In addition, novel computational approaches are opening up new exciting
means of analysing large-scale corpora of text.

CFP is closed

The Department of History of Philosophy at the University of Groningen
invites papers of master’s and PhD students as well as junior and senior
researchers. The aim of the summer school is to collaboratively reflect
on methodological changes in the history of philosophy as well as to
foster interactions between philosophers at different stages in their
career. The summer school will offer participants new insights into the
different approaches to the study of the history of philosophy.
Participants will be encouraged to reflect upon their own practices of
interpretation, and upon more nuanced research strategies.

During the morning sessions, established scholars will give lectures on
methodology and historiography. In the afternoons, there will be short
presentations by participants, as well as workshops and round table

*Keynote speakers:

  * *Christia Mercer*(Columbia University), *
  * *Delphine Antoine-Mahut* (ENS Lyon), *
  * *Jan van Ophuijsen* (Utrecht University), *
  * *Kobus Marais* (UFS South Africa),
  * *Charles Pence* (UC Louvain)

We invite papers in subjects including, but not limited to, the
following topics:

  * The canon of philosophy
  * Recovering and advancing underrepresented groups, topics, and positions
  * History of philosophy and other forms of knowledge (science,
    religion, etc.)
  * The interplay of history of philosophy and contemporary philosophy
  * Digital approaches to historical research (e.g., network analysis)

Abstracts of 300 words should be sent by 15/03/2020 to <>

N.B.: While we encourage paper submissions, attending the summer school
without presenting is, of course, possible.

Questions or inquires of any kind should also be directed to <>

*Summer school fee: 150 EUROS per person.*


We would like to point out that by submitting a paper or attending the
summer school, you commit yourself to the following *code of conduct*:
We seek a harassment-free conference climate for everyone, regardless of
gender, gender identity and expression; age; sexual orientation;
disability; physical appearance; body size; race; ethnicity; religion
(or lack thereof). We do not tolerate any discrimination, or harassment
of conference participants in any form