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13th - 14th April 2018Phenomenology, ontology, metaphysics
Boston, United States of America
17th April 2018Husserl und das Denken der Existenz
Köln, Germany
19th - 21st April 2018Phenomenology of Solidarity: Community, Practice and Politics
Gdańsk, Poland
27th April 2018Husserl Memorial Lecture 2018
Leuven, Belgium
27th - 29th April 2018Phenomenology of Law - Reinach
Łódź, Poland
3rd - 6th June 2018The truth of fictions of the fiction of truths
Venezia, Italy
5th June 2018Northern Phenomenology Network I
Manchester, United Kingdom
30th July - 3rd August 2018Self and Subjectivity in Edith Stein and Hedwig Conrad-Martius
Paderborn, Germany
11th - 13th October 2018Simone de Beauvoir Today
Paris, France
12th - 13th October 2018Phenomenology of Emotions
Kaunas, Lithuania
25th - 27th October 2018Roman Ingarden and His Times
Kraków, Poland
3rd - 4th May 2019Heidegger ff.
Wuppertal, Germany
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