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(2018) The hyperuniverse project and maximality, Dordrecht, Springer.

Definability of satisfaction in outer models

Radek Honzik , Sy David Friedman

pp. 135-160

Let M be a transitive model of ZFC. We say that a transitive model of ZFC, N, is an outer model of M if M ⊆ N and ORD ∩ M = ORD ∩ N. The outer model theory of M is the collection of all formulas with parameters from M which hold in all outer models of M (which exist in a universe in which ">M is countable; this is independent of the choice of such a universe). Satisfaction defined with respect to outer models can be seen as a useful strengthening of first-order logic. Starting from an inaccessible cardinal κ, we show that it is consistent to have a transitive model M of ZFC of size κ in which the outer model theory is lightface definable, and moreover M satisfies V = HOD. The proof combines the infinitary logic L,ω , Barwise's results on admissible sets, and a new forcing iteration of length strictly less than κ+ which manipulates the continuum function on certain regular cardinals below κ. In the Appendix, we review some unpublished results of Mack Stanley which are directly related to our topic.

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DOI: 10.1007/978-3-319-62935-3_7

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Honzik, R. , Friedman, S. (2018)., Definability of satisfaction in outer models, in C. Antos, R. Honzik, C. Ternullo & S. D. Friedman (eds.), The hyperuniverse project and maximality, Dordrecht, Springer, pp. 135-160.

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