Rodney K.B. Parker


Postdoctoral researcher at the Center for the History of Women Philosophers & Scientists at the Universität Paderborn. He specializes in the History of Phenomenology and Husserl's transcendental idealism, as well as Existentialism. He is the main editor, along with Hans Rainer Sepp, of the upcoming series Early Phenomenology (sdvig press). He is also the main coordinator for North America of the Open Commons of Phenomenology

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Gerda Walther and the phenomenological community

2017 - Acta Mexicana de Fenomenología 2, pp.45-68

Resurrecting the phenomenological movement: Editors' introduction

with Moran Dermot 2015 - Studia Phaenomenologica 15, pp.11-24

Early phenomenology

with Moran Dermot 2015 - Studia Phaenomenologica 15

Husserl's transcendental idealism and the problem of solipsism

2013 - London, Ontario, Western University Electronic Thesis and Dissertation Repository