Sonja Rinofner-Kreidl

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Analytic and Continental Philosophy

with WILTSCHE Harald 2016 - Berlin-New York, de Gruyter
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Mereological Foundation vs. Supervenience?

2015 - Metodo. International Studies in Phenomenology and Philosophy 3 (2), pp.81-124

Fathoming the Abyss of Time: Temporality and Intentionality in Husserl's Phenomenology

2002 - in: Anna-Teresa Tymieniecka (ed), Phenomenology World-Wide: Foundations, Expanding Dynamics, Life-Engagements: A Guide for Research and Study, Dordrecht-Boston-London, Kluwer, pp.134-145.

Motive, Gründe und Entscheidungen in Husserls intentionaler Handlungstheorie

2011 - in: Verena Mayer; Christopher Erhard; Marisa Scherini (ed), Aktualität Edmund Husserls , Freiburg im Breisgau, Alber, pp.232-277.
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Certainty and Reflection: Re-evaluating the "Cartesian Strand" in Husserl's Early Conception of Consciousness

1996 - in: Anna-Teresa Tymieniecka (ed), Life in the Glory of Its Radiating Manifestations , Dordrecht, Springer, pp.525-578.
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with WILTSCHE Harald 2016 - in: Sonja Rinofner-Kreidl; Harald Wiltsche (ed), Analytic and Continental Philosophy , Berlin-New York, de Gruyter, pp.1-8.

Review: F.-W. von Herrmann, Hermeneutik und Reflexion

2001 - Journal Phänomenologie 16, pp.90-94
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On "Enworlding" Transcendental Subjectivity: Rethinking A Misleading Metaphor

2004 - in: Anna-Teresa Tymieniecka (ed), Does the World Exist?: Plurisignificant Ciphering of Reality, Dordrecht, Kluwer, pp.259-282.


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