Emmanuel Alloa

Emmanuel Alloa studied philosophy, history and art history in Freiburg, Padova, Berlin and Paris. He obtained his PhD in 2009 jointly from the University Paris I-Panthéon and the Free University Berlin. He has taught at the Département d’arts plastiques of Paris 8, was a Post-doc in the Eikones project in Basel and was assistant professor for philosophy at the University of St-Gallen until 2019. He has received several prizes for his work, including the Latsis-Prize in 2016 and the Aby Warburg Science Prize in 2019.

Partages de la perspective


Paris, Fayard

Réaliser: Pourquoi le perspectivisme n'est pas un relativisme


in: Choses en soi, Paris : Presses universitaires de France

Soyez réalistes, demandez l’impossible!: Introduction


with During Élie

in: Choses en soi, Paris : Presses universitaires de France

Choses en soi


with During Élie (ed)

Paris, Presses universitaires de France

The theatre of the virtual: how to stage potentialities with Merleau-Ponty


in: Encounters in performance philosophy, Dordrecht : Springer

Open Access Link

Appareil 7

La transparence


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