Hanne Jacobs

I am an associate professor of philosophy at Loyola University Chicago. I earned my PhD at the University of Leuven in Belgium, where I was a research fellow at the Husserl Archives. While in Leuven, I transcribed and edited a series of Husserl's lecture courses on the history of philosophy that was published in the Husserliana Materialien series as Einleitung in die Philosophie 1916–1920. I have published articles on topics in phenomenology, such as personal identity, attention, intersubjectivity, reflection, and phenomenological method. My current research interest is in phenomenological and contemporary theories of consciousness and reason. I am the book-review editor of Husserl Studies, a section editor for continental philosophy of Ergo, and an editorial board member of Tijdschrift voor Filosofie.

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Socialization, reflection, and personhood

2016 - in: Sonja Rinofner-Kreidl; Harald Wiltsche (ed), Analytic and continental philosophy, Berlin-New York, de Gruyter, pp.323-336.
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Phenomenology as a way of life? Husserl on phenomenological reflection and self-transformation

2013 - Continental Philosophy Review 46 (3), pp.349-369
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Husserl on reason, reflection, and attention

2012 - Research in Phenomenology 42 (2), pp.257-276

Einleitung in die Philosophie: Vorlesungen 1916-1920

Husserl Edmund 2012 - (edited by Hanne Jacobs) Dordrecht, Springer

Philosophy, phenomenology, sciences: Essays in commemoration of Edmund Husserl

with Ierna Carlo, Mattens Filip 2010 - Dordrecht, Springer