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José Ortega y Gasset

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Moral Responsibility and Practice in the Life-World

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The Passion of Finitude and Poetic Creation: On Pedro Salinas's El Contemplado

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Perceptual Consciousness, Materiality, and Idealism

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The Swan and Erotic Love: Light, Color, and Myth in Rubén Darío's Poetics

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Type and Concept in Lazarillo de Tormes: Self-Knowledge and the Spanish Picaresque Narrative

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A Bridge to Temporality

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On the Foundations of the Poetry of Life

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Toward the Poetic Constitution of Nature: Remarks on José María Heredia's Work

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Reflections on José Ortega y Gasset's Notion of Àlétheia

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Death, Truth, and Sinfulness: Of Various Characters and Scenes in Ramón del Valle-Inclán's Comedias bárbaras

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Descartes and Ortega on the Fate of Indubitable Knowledge

2005 - in: Anna-Teresa Tymieniecka (ed), Logos of Phenomenology and Phenomenology of the Logos I: Phenomenology as the Critique of Reason in Contemporary Criticism and Interpretation, Dordrecht, Springer, pp.225-275.


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