Nijhoff, Den Haag


401, xxiii pages

ISBN 9789024725038

Edmund Husserl Collected Works
vol. 2

Ideas pertaining to a pure phenomenology and to a phenomenological philosophy I

General introduction to a pure phenomenology

Edmund Husserl

Translated by Fred Kersten

The present translation draws upon nearly half a century of Husserl scholarship as well as the many translations into English of other books by Husserl, occasioned by W.R. Boyce Gibson's pioneering translation of Ideas, First Book, in 1931. Based on the most recent German edition of the original text published in 1976 by Martinus Nijhoff and edited by Dr. Karl Schuhmann, the present translation offers an entirely new rendering into English of Husserl's great work, together with a representative selectionof Husserl's own noted and revised parts of his book. Thus the translation makes available, for the first time in English, a significant commentary by Husserl on his own text over a period of about sixteen years.

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