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Heidegger's Black notebooks

Responses to anti-semitism

Edited by

Peter Trawny, Andrew J Mitchell

From the 1930s through the 1970s, the philosopher Martin Heidegger kept a running series of private writings, the so-called Black Notebooks. The recent publication of the Black Notebooks volumes from the war years have sparked international controversy. While Heidegger’s engagement with National Socialism was well known, the Black Notebooks showed for the first time that this anti-Semitism was not merely a personal resentment. They contain not just anti-Semitic remarks, they show Heidegger incorporating basic tropes of anti-Semitism into his philosophicalthinking. In them, Heidegger tried to assign a philosophical significance to anti-Semitism, with “the Jew” or “world Judaism” cast as antagonist in his project.

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Trawny, P. , Mitchell, A.J. (eds) (2017). Heidegger's Black notebooks: Responses to anti-semitism, Columbia University Press, New York.

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