Mimesis, Milano


180 Pages

ISBN 9788857548937

vol. 6

L'interno e il mondo

Edited by

Jan Patočka

Edited by Marco Barcaro

Translated by Marco Barcaro

The volume presents the translation of a manuscript that dates back to the 1940s. These pages belonged to a larger, unfinished project, through which Patocka tried to elaborate a philosophy of man and of his inner in a transcendental sense. The critical objective of the text is the scientific biologism. On the one hand we can recognize motives deriving from German idealism, on the other there emerges a new phenomenological approach. Thus, it reflects the first attempts of the Czechphilosopher to reformulate the relationship between subjectivity and world in an original way. This project aimed to develop a phenomenological theory of subjectivity that would have to precede a philosophical interpretation of non-human organic life, and move in the direction of a philosophy of vitality. With the concept of the inner, Patocka intended to replace the concept of subject, renouncing on one side the Husserlian transcendental subjectivity, and on the other side the Heideggerian Dasein.

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Patočka, J. (2018). L'interno e il mondo, Mimesis, Milano.

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