Different concepts of personality

Nikolaj Berdjaev and Sergej Bulgakov

Regula M. Zwahlen

pp. 183-204

The main concern of both Berdjaev's and Bulgakov's philosophical strivings consists in developing a concept of the person as the foundation of human dignity and creativity within a Christian worldview. Once attracted by Marxism with its emphasis on human dignity and social justice, they started to struggle against Marxism's atheist materialism because of its lack of a concept of person. However, the same concern will lead both thinkers down very different paths with different consequences. This paper argues that, even though Berdjaev has become famous as a philosopher of the person and a herald of creative ethics, Bulgakov developed a more solid Christian justification of the same claims. Both systems are presented by means of comparing some crucial notions within their concepts of personality—potentiality, trinity and autonomy.

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DOI: 10.1007/s11212-012-9168-0

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Zwahlen, R. M. (2012). Different concepts of personality: Nikolaj Berdjaev and Sergej Bulgakov. Studies in East European Thought 64 (3-4), pp. 183-204.

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