Bocheński and balance

system and history in analytic philosophy

Peter Simons

pp. 281-297

Using the work of Józef Bocheński as apositive example, this paper sets out the casefor a balanced use of historical knowledge indoing analytic philosophy. Between the twoextremes of relativizing historicism, whichdenies absolute truth, and arrogant scientism,which denies any constructive role for thehistory of ideas in philosophy, lies a viamedia in which historical reflection onconcepts and their history is placed at theservice of the system of cognitive philosophy.Knowledge of the history of philosophy, whilenot a sine qua non, can empower analyticphilosophy to push forward to new and moresatisfactory solutions to old and new problems.Examples are adduced from Bocheński's oeuvreand from the author's own experience.

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DOI: 10.1023/A:1025344204927

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Simons, P. (2003). Bocheński and balance: system and history in analytic philosophy. Studies in East European Thought 55 (4), pp. 281-297.

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