Über Werte

Nikolaus Lobkowicz

pp. 367-386

Although he spoke rarely about them, J.M.Bocheński considered values important.However, as he was little if at all familiarwith metaethics as developed by analyticphilosophers, he was convinced that the bestdiscussion of values is to be found in thewritings of Max Scheler. The paper tries toshow that to defend Scheler's ideas on thesubject is difficult today. Indeed the authorsuggests that to talk about values is to beeasily seduced into a discussion ofpseudo-problems.

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DOI: 10.1023/A:1025348310321

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Lobkowicz, N. (2003). Über Werte. Studies in East European Thought 55 (4), pp. 367-386.

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