(2013) Axiomathes 23 (2).

Scattered exemplification and many-place copulas

Ingvar Johansson

pp. 235-246

Can there be relational universals? If so, how can they be exemplified? A monadic universal is by definition capable of having a scattered spatiotemporal localization of its different exemplifications, but the problem of relational universals is that one single exemplification seems to have to be scattered in the many places where the relata are. The paper argues that it is possible to bite this bullet, and to accept a hitherto un-discussed kind of exemplification relation called "scattered exemplification'. It has no immediate symbolic counterpart in any Indo-European natural language or in any so far constructed logical language. In order to remedy this, a notion called "many-place copula' is introduced, too.

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Johansson, I. (2013). Scattered exemplification and many-place copulas. Axiomathes 23 (2), pp. 235-246.

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