(2013) Axiomathes 23 (2).

How does an aristotelian substance have its platonic properties?

issues and options

Paul Gould

pp. 343-364

Attempts to explicate the substance-property nexus are legion in the philosophical literature both historical and contemporary. In this paper, I shall attempt to impose some structure into the discussion by exploring ways to combine two unlikely bedfellows—Platonic properties and Aristotelian substances. Special attention is paid to the logical structure of substances and the metaphysics of property exemplification. I shall argue that an Aristotelian-Platonic account of the substance-property nexus is possible and has been ably defended by contemporary philosophers.

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Gould, P. (2013). How does an aristotelian substance have its platonic properties?: issues and options. Axiomathes 23 (2), pp. 343-364.

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