(2010) Axiomathes 20 (4).

Anti-positionalism's regress

Jan Willem Wieland

pp. 479-493

This paper is about the Problem of Order, which is basically the problem how to account for both the distinctness of facts like a's preceding b and b's preceding a, and the identity of facts like a's preceding b and b's succeeding a. It has been shown that the Standard View fails to account for the second part and is therefore to be replaced. One of the contenders is Anti-Positionalism. As has recently been pointed out, however, Anti-Positionalism falls prey to a regress argument which is to prove its failure. In the paper we spell out this worry, show that the worry is a serious one, and distinguish four possible strategies for Anti-Positionalism to deal with it.

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Wieland, J. (2010). Anti-positionalism's regress. Axiomathes 20 (4), pp. 479-493.

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