(2010) Axiomathes 20 (1).


Roberto Poli

pp. 145-145

The present special issue of Axiomathes, edited by Roy Clouser, presents the philosophical ideas of Herman Dooyeweerd, a Dutch thinker better known for his contributions to Reformed theology. Dooyeweerd’s main work, the impressive A New Critique of Theoretical Thought, contains so many new, ontologically relevant, ideas that one cannot fail to ask why it has thus far received so little an attention. The issue includes contributions by Clouser, Strauss, Garcia, Skillen and Schuurman. All the papers have been written with the aim of introducing Dooyeweerd’s ideas to scholars without previous contacts with his thought.

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Poli, R. (2010). Foreword. Axiomathes 20 (1), pp. 145-145.

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