I tre dogmi del trascendentalismo

Iain Hamilton Grant

pp. 241-250

In the early twenty-first century, philosophy stemming from the continental tradition has become overtly realist. This does not mean it abandons the sophisticated structures of reflection for a givenness on the refutation of which its earliest moments, in Kant, was premised. Nor does it entail a rediscovered faith in the adequacy of intellect to thing. Rather, we might say, new realisms have issued from a critique of transcendental dogmas. In this paper I will provisionally characterise the most salient of these transcendental dogmas before characterizing some of the experiments in removing them.

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DOI: 10.4000/estetica.775

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Grant, I. (2014). I tre dogmi del trascendentalismo. Rivista di estetica 57, pp. 241-250.

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