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(1973) Explorations in phenomenology, Den Haag, Nijhoff.

Towards a phenomenology of self-evidence

J. N. Mohanty

pp. 208-229

A phenomenology of self-evidence has to begin with ascertaining the primary locus of self-evidence, which seems to me to be none other than consciousness. While phenomenologists have sufficiently recognized the intentionality of consciousness, the self-evidencing, self-illuminating character of consciousness has not been brought to the forefront. I propose to dwell on this briefly, before moving on to the question of truth and self-evidence.

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DOI: 10.1007/978-94-010-1999-6_8

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Mohanty, J.N. (1973)., Towards a phenomenology of self-evidence, in D. Carr & E. Casey (eds.), Explorations in phenomenology, Den Haag, Nijhoff, pp. 208-229.

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