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(1996) The school of Franz Brentano, Dordrecht, Nijhoff.

Franz Brentano (1838–1917)

Massimo Libardi

pp. 25-79

Franz Brentano was born at Marienberg am Rhein in Germany on 16th January 1838 into a family of Italian origins.1 His father, Christian Brentano, a writer of religious pamphlets, was the brother of the poet Clemens and of Bettina von Arnim. On graduating from high school in 1855, Brentano enrolled at the Faculty of Philosophy of Munich University (for three semesters) and then transferred to Würzburg (one semester) where he also attended courses in theology. He then moved to Berlin to study under Trendelenburg (one semester) and then, finally, to Münster where he was a pupil of Clemens and received training in scholasticism (two semesters).

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DOI: 10.1007/978-94-015-8676-4_2

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Libardi, M. (1996)., Franz Brentano (1838–1917), in L. Albertazzi & R. Poli (eds.), The school of Franz Brentano, Dordrecht, Nijhoff, pp. 25-79.

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