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Anton Marty and contemporary philosophy

Edited by

Giuliano Bacigalupo , Hélène Leblanc

This edited collection of eight original essays pursues the aim of bringing the spotlight back on Anton Marty. It does so by having leading figures in the contemporary debate confront themselves with Marty's most significative contributions, which span from philosophy of mind, philosophy of language and ontology to meta-metaphysics and meta-philosophy. 

The book is divided in three parts. The first part is dedicated to themes in philosophy of language, which were at the centre of Marty's philosophical thinking throughout his life.The second part focuses on the problem of the objectivity and phenomenology of time and space, upon which Marty was working in the final years of his life. The final part turns to Marty's meta-metaphysical and meta-philosophical considerations. The intended audience of this book are primarily scholars and students interested in the relevant contemporary debates, as well as scholars working on the Austrian tradition.

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Bacigalupo, G. , Leblanc, H. (eds) (2019). Anton Marty and contemporary philosophy, Springer, Dordrecht.

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Bacigalupo Giuliano; Leblanc Hélène


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Determining and modifying attributes

Claas Jan; Schnieder Benjamin


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Raum and "room"

MacCumhaill Clare


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Experiencing change

Sattig Thomas


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